Dr. de la Peña’s comprehensive care targets a woman’s mind, body and spirit in a balanced approach to healing and wellness.  Each patient is unique, and her care is designed specifically to her.  He knows that patients often have unexpected medical needs, and he offers same-day and next-day appointments.


Dr. de la Peña works one-on-one to tailor to each patient’s care and encourages patient participation in their pregnancy.  His philosophy, “Best Mom, Best Baby,” recognizes that both mother and unborn child have to be cared for to achieve maximal mutual benefit. His obstetrical practice is notable for specializing in high-risk patients who seek a vaginal birth after a cesarean section (VBAC).  Dr. de la Peña is one of few physicians in the region who practice this essential service to qualified expectant mothers, and Los Robles Hospital is the only hospital in east Ventura County which performs “VBAC” deliveries.  In addition, he strives to keep his cesarean section rate low.  Year in and year out, Dr. de la Peña strives to maintain a low primary cesarean section rate.  In 2011, he had the lowest primary cesarean section rate at Los Robles Hospital at 11.42%.


Dr. de la Peña specializes in minimally invasive surgery to maximize rapid recovery by using the latest advances in equipment and techniques.  Hysterectomy, once a major abdominal operation, can be performed laparoscopically, often requiring only an overnight hospital stay.  In office, Dr. de la Peña performs telescope evaluations of abnormal uterine bleeding, which rapidly identify and confirm the source of bleeding that can result in non-hysterectomy treatments.  This avoids unwanted major operations and prolonged convalescence.   In 2013 he was the first gynecologist in the Conejo Valley to perform “Her Option” as a treatment of heavy menstrual flow.  “Her Option” is an in-office procedure using cryo-technology to normalize menses, in contrast to high heat therapies.  Vaginal reconstruction and urinary incontinence procedures are performed on an outpatient schedule.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care services are also part of Dr. de la Peña’s care routine and for many  years, he has been “On-Call” for the community.  Ob/Gyn emergencies arise in patients visiting our region, trauma victims, and when patients do no have an Ob/Gyn physician.  The need for emergency care can vary daily.


Dr. de la Peña treats menopause with understanding and the need for constant surveillance for cancers of the breast, reproductive organs and colon.  He prescribes hormone supplementation, assesses osteoporosis by utilizing in-office bone density testing, and has surgical and medical options for urogenital changes.

Primary Care

Dr. de la Peña’s primary care includes thyroid management, cholesterol treatment, vaccinations, pre-conceptual counseling, vaginal and sexually transmitted disease care, upper respiratory care, and excision of skin tags and moles.


Upwards of 10% of reproductive age patients cannot conceive, and in other instances some women have recurrent miscarriages. A thorough diagnosis begins with a complete history, physical, labs and imaging of the patient and couple.  A timely investigation often yields a diagnosis and treatment.  Working closely with local reproductive endocrinologists, couples are often able to conceive and achieve parenthood.

Urinary Incontinence

Millions of women suffer from urinary incontinence.  The two principle forms of  urinary incontinence are: “Stress” urinary incontinence, which is loss of urine from coughing or sneezing, and “Urge” urinary incontinence, which is strong uncontrollable bladder spasms. The first steps are to provide non-surgical therapy and avoid dependence on long-term medication.  One novel approach has been the development of the “InTone” vaginal/bladder trainer to strengthen the muscles and nerves of the pelvic floor and improve functions.  Dr. de la Peña  has been certified to provide “InTone” urinary incontinence training.

Vaginal Reconstruction

Childbirth can have unintended effects such as causing vaginal hernias, and persistent enlargement of the vaginal opening.  A careful examination can identify anatomical changes and provide recommendations for repair.  Often brief reconstruction surgeries are performed on an out-patient basis.

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